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What We Believe.  At CDPC we believe that the ultimate expression of who we are and what we do is reflected in the artful, insightful, user-based spaces we design. We let our work speak for us. We stand behind it. We take pride in it. And in doing so, we are driven to continually hone our craft and deliver inspired solutions for our clients. 

We Hold Ourselves to the Highest Standards. Yours. Our VISION is simple: To exceed the expectations of our clients through creative design. So we strive to look closer. Delve deeper. Facilitate the needs of our clients in a truly collaborative way. As a tight-knit group of experienced designers, we partner with our clients to develop a diversity of ideas. We listen and learn. We let our imaginations run wild to find solutions that respond to the dynamic needs of this ever-changing marketplace.

We are Social Environmentalists to the Core. To evoke a feeling. Enhance an experience. Enrich a life. These are the principles that guide what we do at CDPC. Established in 1994 by Registered Landscape Architect Jim Baldovin, CDPC was founded on the belief that design should be driven by purpose. It’s that spirited commitment which resonates in the memorable spaces we create where people live, work and play. We’re passionate about creating functional outdoor spaces with a cohesive aesthetic that inspires and connects people with the environment.


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