Troy Higbee, A Celebration of Life

It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news of the passing of our friend and colleague, Troy Higbee. Troy passed away on the evening of May 12 with his family by his side after an unexpected surgery to remove a brain tumor. Troy will be deeply missed here at CDPC. He leaves behind special memories for each of us and he touched our hearts with his courage, tireless dedication, dark yet often dry sense of humor, but always with a positive outlook on life.

We invite you to attend a Celebration of Troy’s Life on Thursday, June 8th at Mariner’s Church Chapel at 11 am, 5001 Newport Coast Drive in Irvine.

In 2012 Troy joined CDPC as a Project Manager/Director for the Atascadero office. Troy was an unfortunate victim of the recession and was out of the industry for several years. The joy of seeing Troy’s expression his first day at CDPC was priceless. While training in our Southern California office Troy would often take the train and walk several miles to the office never asking for a ride.

Troy was a private man with a keen sense of humor and I would often not know if he was being serious. He however was dedicated to his family, friends and faith. Troy was extremely proud of his two daughters, son, and was looking forward to attending Allyssa’s wedding later this year. He had spent endless hours researching potential colleges and aide for his son Wesley, who academically was at the top of all California High School Seniors. CDPC will be setting up a college fund to assist in Wesley’s tuition as he will be attending California Baptist University-Riverside, in the Fall.

Troy was notified that he had skin cancer a few years ago and began treatment at a research hospital in Santa Monica. It would be several months into his 3 to 4 hour trips to Santa Monica that he actually told me the reason for his trips. Despite his obvious discomfort, Troy was still focused, detailed and diligent. He also was extremely happy he did not lose his hair!

During his time on the central coast, Troy would spend every day working side by side with Roderick Horne and, via video conferencing, our south office. He was also involved with a local Christian group and volunteered his time often on Sundays to help feed less fortunate in the area. Although Troy lived in Atascadero, he made great sacrifices to ensure his family’s comfort and well-being as they reside in Yucca Valley. He was also thrilled to be a grandfather as he would share his Daughter Jill’s photos and videos with a great smile.

Troy experienced a setback about a year ago when an MRI scan detected several small tumors. The doctors reacted quickly and over the next several months were able to declare he was cancer free. Unfortunately Troy did lose his hair and some would say it was a nice look for him. Troy proudly showed off his certification from the doctor again with a smile!

Troy’s turn for the worse was quick and unexpected, during a visit to Santa Monica the doctors again found several tumors located in his brain. Troy was still at his desk each and every day knowing the stress of what to do next, yet he did not share his obvious pain. Approximately two weeks prior to losing Troy, he was taken to the emergency room and then transferred to a local trauma center in San Luis Obispo where doctors then removed a golf ball size tumor. Troy being Troy called me from the recovery room to let me know he was doing well and would be going to rehab the next day.

During his short stay in the hospital, Troy, of all things, wanted to wear his CDPC golf shirt while in the I.C.U. Troy’s body had been fighting for so many years and unfortunately was unable to fight anymore. Troy’s passing was certainly unexpected and tragic to all that knew him and a great loss to the entire CDPC Family. Several coworkers from the Costa Mesa office were able to visit Troy while in hospice and are blessed each and every day. Troy was surrounded by his entire family while in hospice and will miss him greatly.

Peace brother!



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