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Our Design Process

The Design Process is critical in our approach to create spaces in a meaningful way. Our creative energy allows for a balance between function and intuition with a high level of thoroughness. Design is a collaborative endeavor and our process allows for involvement and feedback from the design team resulting in clear goals and objectives.

During the Conceptual Design phase we gather data, define goals and generate ideas necessary to define the space. We analyze the site to understand its parameters. We identify site constraints/opportunities to set the goals and objectives based on user needs of which drives the design process. Development of a basic design is explored and the function and circulation of the site is addressed. Drawings in this phase are typically sketches or hand drawn on a CAD base.

The Schematic Design phase implements the basis of design to the next level. Incorporation of the teams input, designs are refined with greater accuracy based on existing site conditions, architecture, wayfinding, site furnishing and circulation. At this point, pertinent agency requirements are incorporated into the design. Alternative site materials and specific functional aspects of the design are explored while keeping the original goals and objectives in mind.

The Design Development phase is intended to build upon the information from the schematic design phase and basis for the construction document. The design is further refined and developed to a specific level providing sufficient detail to convey the design intent. The character of the project is further developed as refinement for the hardscape and landscape details. Final material selection are approved and the illustrative landscape plan is completed to communicate the design for the project design team.

Once design development documents are formally approved, the final Landscape Conceptual Plan will provide the basis for the Construction Documents. ​​

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